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Time Delay Tap, the powerful cone of water and fire blended to cover and shrink the newly generated net cage, and the arrogance was quickly worn down until it disappeared. Day! Even if Shangguanlong was breathing heavily, he would scold him. He ran out of the door and saw that the shadow had no intention of attacking himself. He just stood in the corridor waiting for Shangguanlong to come out. Who are you? What is your purpose in coming here? Shangguan Long steadied his figure and asked in a deep voice. Although just now Shangguan Long and the shadow had a strong confrontation, but the confrontation between them is only in the style of the competition, and did not cause much noise, but when Shangguan Long opened the door a little loud, the scene can also be used as evidence of the fight just now,stainless steel squatting pan, that is, has turned into ashes of a rattan powder. So, although they both moved a lot, they didn’t wake up Catherine who was sleeping in the next room. Maybe Catherine was really too busy today to be woken up so easily after sleeping. Hum, hum.. The shadow snorted coldly and said, “Yes, your strength is really beyond my imagination, and there may be some omissions in today’s intelligence.” “What on earth are you talking about? Tell me. What on earth are you here for? You’re not just coming to play a ghost game with me, are you?” Shangguanlong’s spirit dare not relax, he is now not enough strength to send out another water-fire compatible strong cone, he can only be ready to send out fireballs, or muscle-to-muscle, Flush valve price ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, hard-to-hard physical confrontation, because he found that the shadow’s body is a little thin, perhaps in the physical confrontation can have an advantage. The purpose of my coming here. In the middle of the shadow’s words, suddenly there was a flash of brilliance in his eyes. “I want to take you away alive.” “No..” which had already spread out on the outer wall of the floor, almost hundreds of square meters, suddenly contracted back, from long to short,Time Delay Faucet, from thick to thin, as if it were reverse growth. Soon, the rattan contracted back until it finally contracted back into the shadow’s arms. Pow!.