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Straw Hat suppliers Material: Raffia Size: head circumference 57cm adjustable sweatband Crown height: about 10cm Hat brim: about 7cm 聽 Wheat straws are woven with burrs and broken grasses are unavoidable. The inner details are not good enough, there are joints and grass heads The brim of this hat is very large, and the brim is slightly nested. If the brim of the hat is unevenly bent, it can be restored by ironing it with a hanging ironing machine, or it can be dried in the sun for a day. This European and American simple style straw hat is also a hand-woven jazz top design Fashionable and a little retro feeling, travel sunshade and sunscreen, choose grass with natural straw and natural primary color The strips are made of natural grass without dyeing and are comfortable and breathable, Paired with a dress, a casual suit, a swimsuit, and a shirt can be full of summer style Natural straw weaving: there will be grass head burrs, burrs, uneven color, joint fracture, hat edge Irregular closings, etc., uneven lines, etc., are all normal phenomena. Mind carefully. Seaside holiday style big brim straw hat Natural fine straw material weaving The texture is firm and stylish, not soft The milk tea-colored edging is very gentle Black is suitable for all styles The jazzy hat type is not exaggerated for daily wear The scene is more diverse Photogenic styling YYDS 聽 Three-dimensional hat type soft collapse The material is light, thin and breathable, with strong toughness, self-contained tarnish, and delicate hand feelStraw Hat suppliers website: