Surgical Mask Free Sample

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Surgical Mask Free Sample
Hospital use surgical mask generally used in high-demand environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, operating rooms, etc. The masks worn for medical staff work have a relatively high safety factor, and are resistant to bacteria and viruses, and can also be used for Anti-flu. It can be worn in daily life, but if you do not go out, it is best not to wear it for a long time to prevent irregular breathing and shortness of breath.
Technical data
1Product information
NameMedical & Surgical Mask
GradeMedical & Surgical
GradeClass II medical device
Sterile or notSterile
MaterialNon-Woven Fabric + Meltblown
Size17.5 * 9.5 cm
2Packing information
Carton size52 * 42 * 26 cm
Bag quantity250 bags/carton
3Order information
Minimum Order Qty2000pcs
Delivery TimeQty<20,000, it takes 4 days.
Qty<100,000, it takes 7 days.
Qty<400,000, it takes 12 days.
For more quantity, more than 12days
ShippingBy air and By sea;
4Company license
銆€Business license
銆€Medical device production license,
銆€Class II Medical device registration license
銆€CE certification, ISO13485
The scope of application of medical masks:
According to the standards and important technical indicators required by various medical masks, medical protective masks are suitable for the protection of airborne respiratory tract infectious diseases by medical personnel and related staff, and the protection level is high; medical surgical masks are suitable for medical personnel or related personnel Basic protection, and protection against blood, body fluids and splashes during invasive procedures; the protective effect of ordinary medical masks on pathogenic microorganisms is inaccurate, and can be used for one-time hygiene care in a general environment, or pathogenic The blocking or protection of particles other than sexual microorganisms such as pollen.
The difference between medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks
Ordinary medical masks are suitable for ordinary medical environments, such as nurses giving patients infusions, walking in wards, etc., can wear ordinary medical masks.
Medical surgical masks are an upgraded version of ordinary medical masks. The outer layer, inner layer and middle layer of medical surgical masks have been specially treated, for example, the outer layer is waterproof. Medical surgical masks can be used for invasive operations in medical treatment, such as tracheal intubation, gastric tube, ventilator and other invasive operations, which can effectively prevent the splash of blood and tissue fluid. The middle layer of the medical surgical mask is treated with anti-permeation and anti-filtration, and the inner layer that contacts the skin is treated with water absorption, so the protection level of the medical surgical mask is hi